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A Little Bit About Me


Hello I’m Katie, Photographer of real and honest photos plus mum to Frankie (5) and Arthur (yet to turn 1!)....

Photographing families and especially children has always been my favourite subject matter, their wild and care free spirits are a joy to capture. My photoshoots are not about staying still and looking awkwardly at the camera, they are whole heartedly about having fun, capturing your time together, feeling at ease and most of all those funny and unique expressions that are so adored by us parents and caregivers.

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I can't remember a time when I didn't have a camera close at hand! When I was little I photographed everything from the chickens in the garden, my friends and family to random shots of life going on around me. My grandparents were keen photographers and from an early age I was encouraged to take photographs and have pretty much never stopped. As a result I have trained my eye to hunt out photographs even when I am not on a photoshoot, annoying my husband as I faff about digging around for a camera on our family adventures when my eye catches something. As annoying as it can be for others I think it is important to keep up the momentum of photographing what your eye tells you too, and I would encourage anyone wanting to get into photography themselves to listen to their eyes and photograph anything you can that stops you in your tracks. 

I have a insightful journalistic and sometimes candid style of shooting which lends itself to both the world of lifestyle marketing to the intimacy of family portraiture and weddings. 


 I studied a degree in Advertising and Editorial Photography at Gloucestershire University, which was then followed by working for family related photography studios in Warwickshire and Devon. In 2016 I decided to take the step into working for myself and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  Meeting so many different clients from business owners to families, brides and grooms has been inspirational and I am so lucky to get to have an insight into different businesses and other peoples family life (I have soon realised I am not alone in the trials and tribulations of modern day parenting!)


I am now based in Devon and live with my husband, Alex, and our two young children. My main loves are art and being creative in any shape or form, photography (of course), fashion, cooking, walking (at a slower pace now that there are little legs involved, and we seem to have to carry a lot more snacks), cooking and enjoying fresh sea air come rain or shine. 

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